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Vino Spumante Brut


Vine Vines suited for the making of sparkling wines

Denomination Vino Spumante Brut

Alcohol Content 12°c with 6 g/l residual sugar

Soyl Type White and calcareous

Harvesting Method Guyot

Protection Method Integrated pest management involving the least possible environmental impact

Harvesting Period Mid August

Harvesting Method Manual

Vinification The grapes are gathered in small crates and gently crushed. The obtained flower undergoes static clarification. The must is then inoculated with selected yeasts and left to ferment at a controlled temperature.

In order to finally turn it into sparkling, the obtained wine is additioned with sugar and racked into pressure tanks where the second fermentation occurs. The dioxide carbon that is produced dissolves inside the fermenting mass – since the tank is an armored container built to hold up to 9 bar pressure stages.

Ageing Once it has become sparkling, the product reaches a 5 bar pressure stage and ages on yeasts for a few months.

The product is then clarified and filtered before bottling.

Sensory profile

Perlage Fine and Persistent.

Colour Straw coloured of medium intensity.

Bouquet Intense and wide with notes of white flowers and bread-crusts.

Flavour Enjoyable and fresh. Full, harmonious and pleasently sapid.

Pairings Excellent as an aperitif, pairs nicely with starters, fish and white meat. Superb as a whole-meal wine during summertime.

Service Temperature 6°-8°C