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El Muscaté


Vine White aromatic grapes

Denomination MPF Bianco

Alcohol Content 5°C

Soil Type White and calcareous

Cultivation Method Guyot

Protection Method Integrated pest management involving the least environmental impact

Harvesting Time First decade of September

Harvesting Method Manual

Vinification The process starts by gently crushing and destemming the grapes. This is followed by a soft pressing during which the free-run must is separated and clarified by settling. The obtained must is then filtered, rapidly cooled and stored in a refrigerated room. Later it ferments until it reaches 5° at controlled temperature, in order to avoid the loss of fragrances and aromas, while simultaneously, the amount of sugar that has not yet fermented sets the tpical sweet taste free.

Sensory Profile

Colour Straw coloured

Bouquet Intense, with clear notes of sage, white flowers, orange blossom, peaches and white fruits.

Flavour Sweet and slightly sparkling. Absolutely enjoyable.

Pairings Ideal for the end of the meal, goes willingly with sweets and desserts, perfect on fruit salads. It’s the best choice as a wine for parties.

Service Temperature 8-10°C